Streams of Hope (SOH) in Zimbabwe, was established in 1987 with the aim of alleviating poverty

and the plight of orphaned children and widows who are our greatest priority. SOH is committed to reducing poverty through the provision of better life skills training and development of participants’ mind-sets, in other words we aim to empower participants through social business effort. The target population is extremely poor, for this reason we have made skills available. To archive this goal of empowering the marginalised disadvantaged people of Zimbabwe. The project activities include sewing, knitting, carpentry, gardening as well as provision of School fees .Presently the organisation is training a total of 45 widows, 22 young girls and boys and 200 children on the education program per annum. The main challenges we are facing at the centre is lack of adequate resources including sewing equipment, transportation as well as office equipment. However we would like to extend our program to reach at least 350 more people Country wide.

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