The Animal Farm is an artist collaborative resolute to the cultural enhancement of the rural community.

Inspired and influenced by the power of creativity, the residency programme endeavours to provide a stage for creative growth and development. The use of private studio work and research work in the community would be employed to ensure maximum engagement between artists and the community.
The vision is to create a scalable model that promises a brighter future by exposing artists to community social responsibility and philanthropy while challenging, equipping and developing the community through interventions that informs, inspire, a culture of social,economic and political  change through a sustainable program. The residency mainly focuses on young talented and underprivileged artists.
In brief, it is an artists’ network space, serving as a base for intercultural exchanges amongst artists and academics. It should enable to share ideas, creative skills and encourage innovative thinking about society’s challenges. This program in the South of the Sahara paves a way for a liberal reflection on artistic work situated in an inspirational environment.

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